Your Aligned Client Attraction Guide
[FREE DOWNLOAD]  How to book out your calendar with meant-to-be clients as a new freelance photographer!
In this Step-By-Step Free Guide, you will learn how to:

🖤 Map out your vision so you can gain clarity in your business with your intentions and your vision.

🖤 Identify your dream client so you can effectively position yourself as their obvious choice!

🖤 Design your magnetic portfolio that builds trust and shows off your potential, so you show up with purpose!

🖤 Lean into your network, start stepping outside of your comfort zone and stepping into alignment with your business so you can start getting 
*pinch-me* bookings FAST!

The best way to get quality clients is to show them what you are capable of. In this guide, I'll show you exactly how to do just that. 

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Jess Little 

Photographer & Mentor
Hi, I’m Jess. I help overwhelmed, people-pleasing Photographers attract Dream Clients to their business fast, without having to say “yes” to every project.

I used to be that photographer - the one who took any job that came my way. I did a little bit of everything, and was on the fast track to burnout.

What was supposed to be my passion-filled business started to feel more like a job than a dream…

It wasn't until I figured out how to look inward so that I could align my business with my true purpose that everything changed.

I got clarity on what parts of my work fueled me and who I enjoyed working with the most, and quickly became the most sought after wedding photographer in Niagara earning consistent 6-figures!

I’m not saying this to boast, I’m saying this to show you what is possible.

When you choose to become intentional and align with your deeper purpose, you can attract dream clients with ease who are happy to pay premium rates for your services.

I believe every freelancing photographer deserves to work with clients who light them up.

You can profit from your passion in a way that feels good, and I’m going to show you how for free in my Aligned Client Attraction Guide - 

Get your copy today so you can start attracting your own dream clients right away!

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