[Free Masterclass] How to Build an Online Brand that gets your Dream Clients Emotionally Invested to make the Sale!
...And Keep Them Coming Back for More!
Jess Little
Creative Entrepreneur & Business Coach
Hey lovely, 

I'm over the moon excited for you to learn my brand strategies that get your dream clients emotionally invested in buying from you! I hope you found a few key takaways, I truly enjoyed creating it for you. 

But most importantly, I have something important I want to tell you. 

You're likely here because you're scrambling to do all the things, and learning new processes and methods, to speed up your current processes and methods, hoping it's your ticket to success.  

Your passion in your business is starting to feel a bit like work and you're not attracting clients that align with your business. 

Did I hit any marks? 

I want you to know, you're in the right place. 

Can I let you in on a secret? It's a secret that I am so passionate about, AND it will help you, dear friend.

You CAN find authenticity and unlock your potential in finding the right clients that align with your business and values.

You CAN wake up to the infinate possibilities within your grasp and grow into you were made to be to serve this world.

I know this to be true, because I've lived it, and I want to help women like you achieve it. 
Rooting for you!
Discover how everyday people are creating amazing results already! People like…
“I came to Jess completely defeated and ready to walk away from my business. Right from the start Jess was easy to talk to and genuinely excited about helping me succeed in my business with exactly what I needed.  I walked away from the program with new energy and filled with ideas on branding my business to attract my dream clients I’m actually excited about putting the necessary work into my business!"
-Liz Czinge
"Having my business and marketing working for itself and in a way that is less stressful and more enjoyable. Interacting with my client base in ways that are true to myself and true to my business. It made me really think about marketing myself in terms of the type of client I take and being selective can be more important than just numbers. It will lead to better business and a happier more balanced life."
-Minju Kim
Hey there, I'm Jess...
My journey as a photographer and creative entrepreneur began in 2009 and I’ve been obsessed with honing my creative craft ever since. Most people call me a photographer, but I prefer storyteller instead.

Being a creative entrepreneur has truly changed my life. Due to this sentiment, I passionately mentor other creatives and guide them on a path of alignment, success and self defined freedom. 

I believe in a deep seated truth, that we all came here to experience this physical realm with such unique abilities to see, taste, and digest life. Therefore, what we create in this lifetime should be uniquely constructed from the confines of our own brilliance.

I look forward to serving your heart in such big ways.
-Jess Little
 I Didn't Always have this much Happiness...
I didn’t always have this much grounding in happiness. In fact, my life looked completely different back in 2009. Before I boldly took a stand to redefine my life, on my own terms.

If you were to turn the clock back and have a peek into my life back then you would have seen a young woman so exhausted, depressed and barely hanging on. At the time, I was repeatedly clocking into an endless rhythm of working two full time jobs that didn’t fulfill me in the least.

One afternoon I collapsed at my kitchen table, and with my head hung low I sobbed at my reality. I wasn’t happy and for the first time, I admitted it out loud.
I Dried my Tears and Pieced my life back Together...
Right there at my table, I decided to dry my tears and dedicate myself to piecing my life together in a way that put my own happiness at the forefront of my everyday. And so I did.

The two weeks that followed changed my life forever.

I quit my job almost instantly, emptied my hard earned savings account to return to college to study photography full-time and hit the ground running toward building a successful life with my creative passion.

Travelling this path hasn’t always been easy, but it has always proven to be worth it. Because what hardship teaches us most is to value our capabilities.

Over a decade later I am happier, aligned and more successful than I ever dreamed possible for myself. This journey has equipped me with an overflowing toolbox of strategies and one heck of a master mindset to help my fellow creatives monetize their passion and build online businesses they feel really good about!

I will forever lead in a way that reminds us all that we are not our circumstances. We are all our possibilities!
I had so much to learn...
My business didn't come easy and often was an uphill battle. What I want for you, is to learn from my mistakes and take the fast track to alignment and success in your business. 

I want to offer you the resources and clarity that I didn't have. 
Here's What They have to Say...
Since openly admitting I needed a change and picking myself up from the harsh reality, I've built a successful business of my dreams that perfectly aligns with who I am. 

I have now been able to do the same for many other female entrepreneurs.

Here are just a few testimonials from recent clients... 
"Jess was not only an amazing mentor who helped me dive deep into every layer of my business but was a warm, smart and compassionate woman! Her approach to guiding me to build a successful business hit on every facet: the practical, the financial, the visual and the spiritual! Jess was able to help me get clear on exactly what I wanted out of becoming a female entrepreneur and how to see that vision through. She gave me indispensable insight and advise for my specific business that I will utilize for the rest of my professional life!"           – Anya Monisoff 
"Jess has been so sweet and supportive. She gives that little extra push that I often need. 
I felt very lost in terms of what to do for social media and my website, and what my niche would be but now I have a much clearer direction for everything. 
I feel like I have the right tools that I need to move forward and the only thing really keeping me in my way is myself, which I am ready to work on." 
- Rebekah Melko

"I cannot say enough about Jess as a mentor! Kind, warm, welcoming and with a true passion for helping others that shines through. While kind and supportive she does not sugar coat the hard work that needs to happen in order to grow a business. It's real and truthful and hearing her personal stories about how she has gone through so many of the same challenges makes you feel not so alone in you journey. It truly feels great having her as an informative cheerleader/mentor." – Kara Rae 
Your Success doesn't Completely 
have to Depend on You
Through the thick and thin of building my business, I didn't have a guide to run to when I questioned myself or my strategies. I wasn't able to learn from other's mistakes and I definately didn't have a fast track to success. 

No one was there to ensure that I was building my business in alignment with who I was and what I wanted to achieve. 

I want to give you this opportunity to ensure you are building a business in your realm of authenticity and you aren't stuck spinning your wheels on all the questions you may have. 
Amplify & Align
A 1:1 Business Mentorship Experience 
If you’re asking yourself questions like:

What’s the logical next step for me and my business?
What’s the best path to take to align with my dreams and desires?

Then this mentoring experience is for you.

This full-day customized mentoring experience that infuses your unique human design with your ambitions to thrive as a creative entrepreneur in an online market. 

As your mentor, I’ll equip you with all the tools you need to succeed in this busy online market. In a way that brings heart, alignment and true self-satisfaction to the forefront of any strategy.

During this mentoring experience, I’ll draw on my years of experience in building and growing a successful, creative, online business to help you get the very best results.

We’ll dig deep on all areas including; aligning your service suite, marketing that feels good, business systems to support you and a lead generation strategy that will eliminate that icky feeling of ‘asking’ for sales.

Tangible Takeaways: Call recordings, a customized toolkit as well as a customized content creation strategy!

As your mentor, I want to allow you to truly align with your passion and creativity. Because when we’re aligned with who we truly are and declare our desires, that’s where the magic happens.
Here's What You'll Get
  •  6 hours of dedicated 1:1 mentoring: a full-day immersion experience where we nail down a customized action-plan for you, followed by two bi-weekly 1:1 follow-up calls, and email support for 30 days as you implement + expand!
  • ​This is a fully customized 1:1 mentoring experience that infuses your unique human design with your ambitions to thrive as a creative entrepreneur in an online market.
  • ​You will receive a thorough human design chart reading -with a heavy focus on career, money, manifestation, ideal work environment
  •  Dedicated strategies to allow you to overcome fears, anxieties and  mindset blocks
  • Action plans with the steps you need to take to attract aligned clients
  •  Time and space to wake up to the infinite possibilities within your grasp and business
  • ​Tangible Takeaways: Recordings of all calls, a customized toolkit as well as a customized content creation strategy 
And, this mentoring experience doesn’t just end at one day…

For 30 days after your initial immersion day, you'll have someone to hold you accountable in taking the steps you and your business needs.

This isn’t just about me giving you strategies. You need to be committed to follow through, make the tough decisions and take inspired action to experience real growth in your business. 

I know you have the talent, you just need the tools to turn your creative passion into a profitable stream of income.

Now’s the time to turn your dreams into reality, to reach for your desire and to fully align with the abundance you deserve.
I want you to have what I didn't...
I want you to have clarity and alignment in your business. 

I don't want you to keep spinning your wheels over all of the questions you have. 

I want you to find authenticity in your business and to discover the right clients that align with you are. 

I want you to have the mindset and confidence in putting yourself out there in the world. 

I want you and your clients to value your work. 
Are you Ready to...
🖤 Invest in yourself and your business?
🖤 Empower yourself?
🖤 Take inspired action?

Experience deep, lasting growth and happiness?

If so, this mentoring experience is going to be perfect for you.

Because I want to offer you the very best experience, it’s important that we align to give you the very best chance for success and the application process will ensure that.

If you’re ready for this experience, fill out the application to ensure I can offer you the support you deserve.

I can’t wait to meet you and guide you in taking the steps needed to see your business grow! 
You Might Want to Think Twice if...
🖤 You aren't ready to let go of old habits that are holding you back. 
🖤 You aren't open to feedback in how you can improve your business. 
🖤 You aren't ready or comitted to put the work into your business thats required to make a change. 
1:1 Coaching = Limited Spots
Since my program is 1:1 focused, I only have so many slots open, but don't let that discourage you! I do this so that I can ensure you have my full attention, plus tonnes of personalised guidance and support when we are working together.

I open this program up only when I have availability - this is your sign! 

If you want clarity and alignment in your business so you are going about your days purposefully and full of energy, now is the time to enroll! 

By the way... 

As a way of saying thank you - for a limited time I'm offering all my 1:1 mentoring clients a complete instagram audit, totally complimentary!

This audit will show you how to leverage the platform to:

✔️ Create a strong presence on the powerful IG platform
✔️ Build trust with your audience and establish authority in your field, so you can charge premium rates
✔️ Connect + Convert your dream clients with ease, and in a way that feels good!

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